Benefits of Pick and Pack Services


Pick and pack services provide flexible warehousing and order fulfilment services for small as well as large businesses. It ensures that the shipping order will go out in a safe and efficient manner. It not only saves time, but it also reduces the amount of staff needed on payroll.

Several benefits of pick and pack service are:

1. Fast service: Speed of delivery is one of the benefits of pick and pack service. A well designed path to pick goods reduces the time required to locate the product by warehousing operatives and thus help in saving time.

2. Professional appearance: The packed products contain company logo and information. Thus it gives a better look when the customer receives his or her ordered product. It is also a way to procure loyalty.

3. Cost-saving: It’s a cost saving approach as it eliminate the need for a warehouse. The inventory is send to their warehouse to keep track of everything. This results in smaller fee of employing the service.

4. Type of order: Pick and pack service fulfil all type of orders whether small or large. Deliveries are made in 24 to 48 hours normally. Priority order option gives the option to meet the requirements of most demanding customers.

5. Experienced operatives: This service is carried out by experienced operatives who have undergone extensive training in performing the whole procedure. They understand their roles and thus reduce the risk of occurrence of an error.

6. Return policy: It ensure a transparent return policy for the damaged or undelivered items. They give equal weight to every customer and this help in keeping long term relationship with them.

BOXstation offers pick and pack services that include receiving orders, product assembly, warehousing , shipping at affordable rates. With many years of experience, our company provides tailor made solutions to meet customer expectations.