Common Roof Problems & Its Fixes


Roof are the lifeline for any construction. Regular inspection of roof is necessary for its long life. But generally people do not pay any heed towards it and as a result it starts damaging and require repair work. Some of the problems that developed due to their negligence are as follows:

1. Roof leakage : It can occur due to several reasons, including water presence for long on the roof and improper moisture barrier installation. This makes water to enter in roof and result in its leakage. Another factor that can cause this issue is flashing. During the installation process, if flashing is not welded or glued properly. Damaged pipeline can also be a source for roof leaks. Do not allow water to stay on roof and remove any debris lying on it. Removing damaged shingles and installing the new one can fix the issue.

2. Torrid : This occurs due to extreme heat, faulty ventilation. Improper ventilation systems makes the structure extremely heated and thus results in roof to get warm. Roofs made of steel aluminium etc. that can bear such heating can be an effective solution to this serious problem. Also ventilation should be proper so that excessive heat does not generate.

3. Moss growth : Growth of moss generally takes place in presence of excessive moisture. Copper moleclue present in rain water provides an environment for its growth and thus result in roof damage. Shingles on roof is the place where moss starts its development process. To prevent its growth we can use oxygen bleach and copper strips on the rooftop can be an effective solution. But hiring a professional would be the best solution if it is present in excess amount.

4. Bend & Crack : It is a problem that need to be given attention. Bending and cracking of material results in expose of part to wind and water. Strong wind can easily blown off the damaged parts and resulting in uncover of the surface below it. Shingles and flashing gets cracks as they get old. This generally takes place in hot climates. Periodic check up of Shingles can be a solution to this problem. Tiles made of clay and slate can be an effective solution in case of hot environment.

These are some common roof problems that need to given proper attention so that it may not go out of control and then we need to do lot of repair work that can cost us more.