Roof Damage – Causes & Prevention


Roof provides us shelter from natural calamities and other obstacles. But lack of roof maintenance leads to roof damage after sometime.  Main causes of roof damage are:

1. Poor Installation: Roofing improper installation is the main cause of early damage to the roof.  It also reduces lifespan of roof. We must hire an expert roofing contractor for our roof installation and every step of installation must be checked properly during installation.

2. Improper Flashing: Flashing is use to create water-tight boundary between roofing materials, roofing projections and other parts of house. Flashing can be damaged during installation or due to wind effect. This problem can be prevented by taking care during installation of flashing.

3. Exposure to Weather: Regular expose of roof to weather can cause damage. As the roof is exposed to sun, the roofing paper got dried and is pounded by rain. Melting of snow leads water to seep into roof tiles that damage the roof. We must check roof and do not allow water or snow to reside over the roof.

4. Vibrations: Earth quake and other natural calamities also cause damage to the roof a large extent. Hurricanes can also cause damage to your roof top. We must consult contractor about these causes during installation of roof.

5. Weight Damage: In today’s time, we put equipment on the roof like air-conditioner, antennas etc. These equipment also put burden on the roof and thus become a cause of its damage. Falling of objects like tree also cause damage to roof.  We should avoid this extra burden so that we get a healthy roof for longer time.

So we must pay regular attention towards roof and its parts, because after a heavy damage to roof replacement can be costly for you.