What is GoogleWebLight? How it Works in Slow Connection?


GoogleWebLight is an initiative run by popular leading search engine company Google Inc. established in 27th March 2015 by Google Search Product Manager Hiroto Tokusei. The main aim of GoogleWebLight is to improve the browsing experience of users who are on slow internet speed and to load web search pages faster for 2G internet users on their mobiles and desktop. It automatically activates when your browser detects any slow internet speeds and this facility is currently provided for Countries like India, Brazil and Indonesia.

GoogleWebLight on Android, Mobile, 2G & Slow Internet Speed:

GoogleWebLight will only work on chrome browser and android devices. If you are the one using 2G internet, an Android device and slow internet connection on your mobile then your browser will automatically activate this. It is useful for users to experience the fast browsing and to load web page 4 times faster on Google search results on slow internet connections and on 2G network.

You can open this link: http://googleweblight.in/