What to do if your refrigerator is plugged in, but not cooling?


If you are having some sort of problems with your refrigerator/fridge, which is not cooling. It is plugged in, sometimes it isn’t getting power and sometimes getting power, the lights are on inside, but sometimes don’t, the all you’ve to do is follow these simple steps.

You should try to listen if it is making any sound like a click or not? If it isn’t making any noise the you should work on the basics and started checking it. If it is making a sound like click, then the problem is most likely the compressor is overheating or not getting proper power and it is unable to start. The compressor is the component that allows your refrigerator to cool. If this component is not working properly, your refrigerator will stop cooling. If this (compressor) is working there can be another reason for the freezer to fail. There is another most common component that is most likely to fail is the capacitor. The capacitor is energized and sends a boost to the compressor to start. If this capacitor is bad, then the compressor will not start.

The “clicking” sound is because of the overload or overheating of the compressor. It means the compressor is trying to start and will get hot and go into overload causing the clicking noise that you hear.

We should check for the following things too.

1. Dirty Condenser – In such cases we should clean the condenser coil and fan
2. Temperature setting turned to low – We should turn the temperature setting to colder
3. Circuit Breaker Tripped – Power Spike – We should rest circuit breaker
4. Defrost Timer Malfunction – Replace defrost timer/computer control board
5. Failed Door Seal – Replace worn out door seal

If you are still not getting the problem, then you should call an experienced appliances repair engineer.