WordPress Development, Dos and Dont’s


You’ve just started a business and you need online presence, precisely a website. Contrary to what you may have thought, it is not a very complex endeavour; you can do it yourself without needing a website development company. There are several tools available for this, the most popular being wordpress. WordPress powers a great number of the websites you see online.

Big businesses, Start-ups, Government organizations and so many types of establishments trust wordpress development as the most stable and secure platform to showcase their activities online.

Here we are going to be looking at useful tips for wordpress development; we will also tackle common mistakes made by wordpress developers. This would be relevant to beginners, as well as professional web designers, and for strictly wordpress theme and plugin developers.

Choose The Right Theme & Layout

WordPress comes preloaded with so many themes designed by professional web developers. You simply need to choose the one that suits your purpose. If you would like to display your work on your website, like photography for example, it would serve you better to choose a ‘Gallery’ style theme. Also try out multiple themes before selecting the best. Opt for simple and light weighted themes that would not take much time to load. Do consider paying for premium themes. WordPress comes with a lot of free themes, but i doubt you would be able to get the best from them. The premium themes you would have to pay for come with additional features and plugins that make your website perform better. Make sure the theme you choose to go with is very functional and can adapt to different browser especially for mobile. Remember to keep your plugins updated

Stick to the WordPress Plugin Standards

For people into wordpress plugin and theme development, you should simply follow the wordpress coding standards to avoid common coding errors. Even if you are coming from a place where you have already gotten used to a particular style of coding, make sure to quickly adapt these new standards to enable you collaborate and share tools with other wordpress developers. Ensure that whatever you are trying to do is viable with wordpress core functions and libraries.

Know the security tips

Just as it is with all other types of inventions and intellectual property, there’s always the risk of imitation and in this case hacking. If the wordpress tool you’ve developed gets popular and widely accepted, you would need to tighten all loose ends such as Xss vulnerabilities, sanitise data input and output data. There are tools for this. A further security tip would be to prevent direct access to your files.

Use Developer Recommended Tools

If you are new to the World of wordpress development, there are a bunch of tools in existence that are tested and trusted by long time developers. You should find them and make use of them too.

Find a Niche

There is a wide array of things to get into within wordpress development; Themes, plugins et al. Do not be a jack of all trades wand master of none. Find a strong suit and stick to it.

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