Different Roofing Material, Grilles and Gates for Home and Business Area


Roof is the structure that not only protects us from harsh weather but also gives an attractive look to your premise. While choosing roof, you consider different aspects like quality, cost, durability and style. But you need to choose the right material to construct a safe and long live roof. Also your place needs security from thieves and buglers. By using good quality of grilles and gates you can provide more security to your place. So, you can use from the below mentioned roofing material, grilles and gates:

Roofing Materials:

1. Roofing Shingles: Shingles are durable and one of the affordable types of roofing material. It is easy to clean and install. Shingles can be easily placed on an existing roof and require very minimum maintenance. High quality shingles comes in asphalt or fiberglass modes. The negative aspect of shingle is that it can be blown off by strong winds.

2. Concrete and Clay Tile: Clay tiles come in various types and are fire resistant. It has long life time and can’t be destroyed by insects and worms. Installation of clay tiles is complicated and costly. Concrete tiles have long lifespan and can mimic style of clay tiles and wood shake. It also requires low maintenance.

3. Slate: Slate comes in natural look and has property of dire protection. It needs extra support as it is heavy and easily breakable. So, people cannot walk on it. Slate DIY installation is not possible and cleaning, re- painting is also an arduous task.


1. Fixed Grilles:  Once installed these can’t be moved and replaced.  These are of high quality and designed specially with the intention of security and protection.  This type of grill is best suited for protection purpose.

2. Removable Grilles:  These are easily removable. The sole purpose of installing is security and these are easy to use. Removable grill also comes in decorative look.


1. Swinging Gate: Swinging gate has a motor installed. When the motor is activated, gate is swing outwards or inwards depending upon its set-up. When the gate is set-up to swing outward, it requires more space to open up.

2. Articulated Gates: This type of gate looks like as if multiple small gates are connected together. Articulated gates can be easily installed and are mostly preferred now a day. When the motor starts, it pulls back along rails and folded thereafter. These are best suited when availability of space is low.

So, you can make a choice of roofing material, gates, grilles according to quality and your requirements to make your place more safe and secure.