Factors To Consider In Roof Repair and Installation Decision


Lifespan of a roof is approximately 30 years – provided it is well constructed with high quality material. Because roofs are most exposed part of the house so they are more prone to the weather damage. So more oftenly it required maintenance of some parts. When it come to the roof repair or installation it might get tricky unless you are a professional roofer. So lets discuss some factors which needs to be take care while repairing or installing the roof:-

Life of roof design
If you are re-modelling your home, potential roofing design is the area where you should focus also. The most important part of roof that one must consider in designing is shape and material because both shape and and material has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the type of roof system and application method, quality of installation, climate conditions and the roof service requirements can help in understanding the potential design service life

Risk involved in repairing or installing
The first and and important part one must consider in repairing or installing the roof is risk involved. It is obvious that you will have to keep certain safety precautions in mind when you are carrying out roof repair. So it is advisable to just bite the bullet and let the professional do the task. Roof condition is the prioritization process for risk factors. In many cases, risk and the potential cost associated with the risk can be the driving factor for repairing, recovering or replacing a roof because lot of hazards are involved in task like falls, tool hazards, puncture wounds and cuts.

The nature of leaks
Roof leaks are potentially serious headache as they can structurally damage your roof. You should search for the leaks where there are penetrations through the roof membrane. Roof drains may also penetrate the roof membrane. Roof leaks can also be because of the perimeter leaks and condensation. Crewas can repair leaks in the field, along perimeter edges and penetration if they can identify them before they cause significant damage. But if the leaks are difficult to prevent, repairing the leak might only be a temporary fix. So depending on the nature of leaks one can decide whether they can go for repairing or maintenance.

The Deterioration curve
By knowing the potential design service life, present age and condition one can determine approximately where the roof is along the deterioration timeline. So it can help the professional or owner to decide whether they should go for repair or installation.

Life Cycle Cost
One can use a life cycle model to take decision on whether to repair or install the new roof. Depending on the budget they can go for both the options available to them. Making good decision is the key to minimizing near and long term cost related to any home improvements.

The opportunity to evaluate the condition of your roof deck is valuable. By making any necessary repairs and adding fasteners to sheathing, you will avoid the dramatic losses caused when sheathing blows off the roof, allowing rain to cause interior damage. All of us think would be thinking that new roof can cause you big expense, but it can lasts for decades. One can go for the options after consulting to the professional roofer.