Home Heating Tips and Energy Efficient Alternatives


Most of the time improper insulation and draft can lost our effort to warm home. There are many ways to insulate your home and keep your home heat up. You should inspect your home once every year and should check the problem areas. Following are some points…

Unused Rooms Should be closed:- Always keep your unused room doors closed, it will prevent cold air moving into the rest of the house and will make your room warmer.

Clockwise Rotation of Ceiling Fans:- Set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise because ceiling fans needs to be changed seasonally. You can drive warm air  down towards you by setting your ceiling fan in clockwise in the winter at a lower speed.

Adjust Door Thresholds:-  If you can see daylight under your front door it means your doors is not in contact with thresholds. You need to adjust the thresholds by turning the screw counterclockwise until daylight is gone.

Regular maintenance can improve performance of home heating:-  Regular maintenance improve the efficiency of your heating system. Get Regular servicing and proper cleaning of your heating system.

Cover windows and doors with plastic film:- Maximum of heat loss in homes is due to windows and doors. You should cover your windows with clear plastic film.

Upgrade your thermostat:-  you can upgrade your thermostat by programming it. It will save your heating bill automatically by turning down the temperature for 8 hours a day, when you are working.

Take advantage of sun:- 
Sun rays help to heat your home and you can take the advantage because there is no cost for it. Always keep your curtains open.