How To Protect Your Roof in Winter?


Although the winter is generally thought of as a magical time of year, but we think that preparation is the key to avoid disaster striking when it comes to roofing part of your home because weather condition during this season is varied and unpredictable. So without any doubt it is understandably the roof which bears the brunt of most of this unpredicted weather. So as a responsible member of the family we should understand the importance of the roof and should keep it maintained for well being of our family. Check out some tips on how to protect your roof in winter?

Remove Snow: It is important to clear the snow from the roof of your home because excessive amount of snow resting on your roof increases the risk of partial or total structural collapse. An excessive amount of snow present on the roof can add more strain on the structure of your home. So regularly removing snow from your roof will help to keep it strong and structurally sound.

Professional Inspection: Before the winter kick in, you should ask a roofer to come for inspection of your roof. The professional will cover every aspect of the roofing which need to be checked and if they identify any problem, their certain methodology will help you to reduce the risk before roof get worse.

Check insulation Properly:
Poor insulation of a roof can cause a number of problems, the biggest of which is the formation of ice dams. If the roof is too warm then the snow falling on the roof will melt and run down to the gutter where it will refreeze and can cause blockage.

Broken tiles: We don’t care if our roof has one or two broken tiles in the summer season. But when the weather turns ignoring the missing tiles will exacerbate the problem. Not rectifying the problem will soon increases the risk of damage to the inside and outside of your home.

Keep Your Roof Clean:
As we know that “prevention is better than cure”, same is the case with the roof. So we advise that you keep on top of roof maintenance.

If you would like a professional roofer to come and look at your roof before the winter months, or you have some damage that you would like fixed by our professional roofer, please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you with our roofing services.