Things To Look Before Hiring Electrical Contractors


Almost everyone of us don’t like to waste money and even we make sure that our clients get what they want? Electrical repair is one of the most dangerous job that can be done in home and all electrical contractors are not all same, so check out some things to look before you hire an electrician.

Who they are?

Do some search on web or with your references before picking up the phone and find as much as you can about the contractor. If a company is too big, you may end up feeling like you’re just a number and if it’s too small, they might struggle to handle the jobs.

Does he do it by himself or sub contractor?

Some electrical contractor do the job with the help of their sub-contractor, agencies or self-employed electricians. This is standard practice and fair enough in principle: the workload of a contractor can vary throughout the year and using a third party helps to ensure they are only paying for additional labour when they need it. But as client, you have a right to know who will be turning up on your doorstep.

Electrical Knowledge

One of the foremost factor that you should look is their electrical knowledge. The one the best thing to check their knowledge is their license. When you hire licensed electrical contractors, you know they have the necessary experience and background for the work. That should give you some peace of mind.

Previous History

You can browse the web for their previous customer’s reviews and experiences with the contractor. The main reason behind checking their license is that you can’t check the history of unlicensed contractor.

Beware from “Yes”

Some contractors say yes to anything and we mean something and they will say yes even if it’s outside their area of expertise.

Necessary accreditations

Check out their accreditations that whether they hold any of the mentioned below.

NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) The electrical contracting industry independent voluntary body for electrical installation matters throughout the UK.

ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) Trade association representing the interests of contractors who design, install, inspect, test and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and services.